Crossroads Community Meal

unlikely friends feasting together

Thursdays, 5 – 8:30pm
Grandview Calvary Baptist Church (1st Ave & Salsbury)

Each week, up to fifty participants prepare and share a meal together in the Grandview Woodlands neighbourhood. Over the past 15 years, the Community Meal has become a great place to practice “the shared strokes of community, hospitality, justice and confession.” We encourage the development of friendships across socio-economic divides, seeking to nurture personal growth as well as to experience mutual transformation through doing life together.

Learn more about our unique program and the wonderful people that make Crossroads thrive in our 3-minute video.

Planted, Fb_volunteer-09A movement is only as good as the people behind it. At Planted, our partners rely on people like you to help them grow, prepare, serve and distribute food, as well as build nourishing, equitable communities.

If you’re passionate about helping people and love food, there’s a spot for you.

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