Our Partners


Our partners are passionate about providing food security through equitable, sustainable means. They are problem-solvers and community-builders who care not only about increasing access to quality food in our communities, but also about how it’s done. And they do it well. It’s our privilege to work alongside them.


CityGate Leadership Forum

CityGate Leadership Forum helps organizations and change-makers move from good intentions to effective outcomes. We coordinate several projects on Planted, including the Christian Community Food Network, CityGate Community Kitchens, and Lakeview Community & Demonstration Garden.



Soulkitchen helps organizations create healthy and vibrant communities by welcoming the poor to the table and into the kitchen. With decades of experience in the hospitality industry and pastoral care, Chef Hannes Tischhauser and wife Louise offer consultancy, workshops, networking ideas, inspiration and ongoing practical input.


Westside Mobile Food Market

The Westside Mobile Food Market is a joint effort of The South Granville Seniors Centre and The Westside Food Collaborative. This one year pilot project will assist seniors and other vulnerable people living on Vancouver’s Westside in “food deserts” – zones with few or no grocery stores or produce stands. Although this project was inspired by the seniors in our commuity, our markets are open to everyone, because we feel that everybody deserves to be able to access farmers’ market quality food that fits within their budget.


Crossroads Community Meal

Grandview Calvary Baptist Church hosts a weekly, participant-led community meal for individuals in the Grandview Woodlands neighbourhood. Each week, up to fifty participants gather to prepare and share a meal together. The Crossroads Community Meal aims to be a safe, dignifying, and supportive gathering grown out of the many diverse contributions of those who attend.


Oasis Cafe & Out of the Cold

Operated by Tenth Church, Oasis Café is a Tuesday-afternoon program that provides a fresh home cooked meal to guests and job opportunities to those with barriers to employment. Guests chose their meal from a daily menu sheet. As the name implies, Oasis Café is intended to be a haven for people to find refreshment and renewal. Out of the Cold is a Monday-night program that provides dinner to approximately 150 people, showing God’s love in tangible ways through a warm, welcoming space for people to build friendships, enjoy a hearty meal, and rest well.

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