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Kits Cares Café Coordinator

Job Summary

The Kits Cares Café Coordinator will be responsible for the routine operations of a new weekly dinner for the marginalized, sponsored by several west-side Vancouver congregations and held at the Kitsilano Neighbourhood House (2305 West 7th Ave). The position is for 10 hours per week, with some set hours (i.e., running the weekly meal on Friday evenings during 2018 and Thursday evenings in 2019) and some flexible hours. You will ideally start in late September. You will provide overall leadership to the community meal and will particularly invest in building the capacity of a core team of volunteers.

Your immediate goals are (1) to meet an acute need for nutrition by preparing food that aligns with principles of a just, healthy, and sustainable food system; and (2) to facilitate a space reflective of the Kits House’s values of building “strong, independent communities that encourage people to thrive,” particularly as it addresses social inclusion for “community members who are experiencing a challenge or barrier in their lives.” Your ultimate goals are to cultivate a joy amongst all participants in working together, to help satisfy a deeper hunger for belonging and purpose, to give a taste of the shalom available in the company of Christ. In all that you do, you will model Jesus to extend biblical hospitality and to draw out the God-giftedness of each participant.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Model Christ in word and deed.
  • Provide on-site leadership and role modelling for effective ministry, removing barriers in both caring for the marginalized and walking alongside them.
  • Oversee meal planning, preparation, service and clean-up.
    • Manage inventory, procure supplies, solicit and maintain in-kind donor relationships.
    • Coordinate special occasions and events.
    • Manage risks, emergencies and critical incidents.
    • Oversee recordkeeping, statistics, reimbursements, and monitor the program budget.
  • Coordinate and equip volunteers.
    • Organize orientation, training and appreciation for volunteers.
    • Provide mentoring, skill-building, and other supports.
    • Maintain an updated list of volunteers.
    • Provide regular communications to volunteers
  • Establish and maintain a program culture wherein guests are supported into deeper participation and greater flourishing.
    • Ensure that volunteers are enacting biblical hospitality and Asset Based Community Development principles.
    • Facilitate Café guests to become volunteers through skill-building.
    • Maintain current resources for other community supports (e.g., free food lists, shelter).
  • Act as CityGate’s primary liaison to the various churches involved and to Kits House, and as the hub of communication between them.
  • Liaise with Kits House Staff & the Environmental Health officer to ensure the program is in compliance with regulations.
  • Build links with and participate in networks of other community service providers.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experience

  • Agreement with CityGate’s vision, mission, statement of faith (The Apostles’ Creed), and food philosophy.
  • Personal knowledge and experience of the saving work of Jesus Christ.
  • Knowledge of safe food handling practices, nutrition for marginalized populations and healthy food system principles.
  • Understanding of issues related to homelessness, addictions, mental health & other poverty-related challenges.
  • Ability to develop leaders, to mentor volunteers, and to lead and coach diverse teams.
  • Ability to work with sensitivity and without discrimination towards people of diverse cultures, races/ethnicity, socio-economic positions, ages, religions, genders, physical/mental challenges/disabilities, and sexual orientations.
  • Ability to maintain harmonious relationships through the use of conflict resolution skills in working with volunteers and marginalized populations.
  • Significant front line experience with vulnerable populations through a social justice lens.
  • Experience in food security programs or other program development.

Position Requirements

  • A part time position reporting to CityGate (potential evening and weekend hours)
  • A combination of required times on-site (community meal, ordering deadlines) & other times
  • Current certification in Foodsafe Level 1 (Level 2 Preferred), Level One First Aid and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • Pass a criminal record check with respect to working with the vulnerable sector


Contact Karen Giesbrecht ( for more details.