Our Philosophy


WE BELIEVE in providing nutritious food in ways that foster community, contribute to a sustainable local food system, and build on the strengths of the poor.

WE BELIEVE that freedom from hunger is a human right. A just society will achieve the United Nations’ definition of food security: “all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.”

WE BELIEVE that food provides far more than nutrition. Growing and sharing food cultivates essential attitudes of abundance and hospitality, of mutuality and resilience, of thankfulness and celebration. Food roots us in the land and in community. Food connects us across generations, cultures, and socio-income divides.

WE BELIEVE that agriculture and eating are spiritual practices. Planted participants who are Christian take their cue from biblical traditions of Sabbath, shalom, and the Eucharist.

Our goals for a seed-to-compost solution to hunger caused by poverty are:

  • Improved biodiversity and health of urban and rural lands
  • Eradication of hunger through fair access to affordable food that is safe, nutritious, and culturally appropriate
  • Just wages and conditions for all farmers and workers
  • Strong organizations and collaborations that reduce unneeded duplication and that maximize efficiencies of time and resources for those who provide food, and those who eat it
  • Participation of community-based and faith-based organizations in local food policy and food security networks
  • Community development initiatives to build participation, knowledge, skills, jobs, and mutually transforming friendships
  • Person-centered programs that empower all participants by giving them choice and voice, and by focusing on their strengths
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