Our Stance

Hunger and a lack of food security is a reality for many in our communities. We have grown accustomed to requests for donations to food banks and soup kitchens. The problem of food and economic insecurity in our own community has become a constant presence in the background of our lives.

At the same time, we are taking more thought than ever before about our food: where it comes from, what we choose to consume, how we prepare it, nutritional and ethical concerns.

We have the opportunity and calling to provide nutritious food in ways that foster community, contribute to a sustainable local food system, and build on the strengths of all people regardless of social status or ability.

Freedom from hunger is a human right.

Food creates attitudes of abundance and hospitality, of mutuality and resilience, of thankfulness and celebration.

Food roots us in the land and in community. Food connects us across generations, cultures, and socio-income divides.

Agriculture, cooking, and eating are spiritual practices.

We bond relationally over preparing and sharing food.

We ensure a healthy and sustainable future by thoughtfully raising and distributing it.

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