Welcome to Planted, a Community Food Network

Food is a communal asset. It sustains life and shapes communities. We bond over preparing and sharing food. We ensure a healthy future by thoughtfully raising and distributing it. But many in our communities do not have the funds to access enough quality nutrition, and many parts of our food system do not answer Christ’s call to bring flourishing for all. 

As co-creators of a more just and equitable world, with a specific focus on food, we would like to invite you to join the Planted Community Food Network.

Established in 2012, the Planted Community Food Network is a community of practice among providers of food-related programs across the Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Drawing from many different food-related services and ministries, this network shares information, ideas and expertise with the ultimate desire to see both our food system and our vulnerable neighbours better nourished.

The Network Functions Through:

    • Hosting information-sharing events and workshops for the wider community
    • Expanding knowledge of the dynamics of food insecurity, and best practices regarding trauma-informed care, mutually transformative programming, and anti-oppression

    • Sharing specialized expertise with each other – nutrition assessment, program coordination,  event planning, and social enterprise
    • Exploring the theology of food and the spirituality of radical hospitality
    • Co-creating and participating in social, political and spiritual practices that support communities as we seek for a more just world for everyone

    • Collaborating on broader public initiatives to improve the continuum of responses to hunger within our sustainable local food system – a seed-to-compost solution to hunger
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