Welcome to Planted,

a community food network.

Planted Is a local food network which — through the power of collaboration and resources — supports charities providing equitable and sustainable food security options.

We Believe in providing nutritious food in ways that foster community and build on the strengths of the vulnerable.

By Supporting our partners, we aim to increase access to nutritious food and to promote equitable, sustainable, community solutions.

Hunger and a lack of food security is a reality for many in our communities. We have grown accustomed to requests for donations to food banks and soup kitchens. The problem of food and economic insecurity in our own community has become a constant presence in the background of our lives.

At the same time, we are taking more thought than ever before about our food: where it comes from, what we choose to consume, how we prepare it, nutritional and ethical concerns.

Food is a communal issue. It sustains life and shapes communities. We bond relationally over preparing and sharing food. We ensure a healthy and sustainable future by thoughtfully raising and distributing it.

We believe it’s time to bring together a passion for good food and a concern for those in our city who are malnourished or in short supply of quality food.

It’s time for new, sustainable and equitable food security solutions for our communities.

Whether through community kitchens, communal gardens, or other sustainable and equitable community solutions, we can do more when we combine our forces.

Join us today and help the movement grow. Get involved with one of our partners or start something of your own.

What Planted Does

Since 2011, CityGate Leadership Forum has coordinated the Planted Community Food Network to help seed a cultural shift in Greater Vancouver away from haphazard food charity, toward a sustainable local food system– opening access to affordable nutrition by building on the strengths of the vulnerable and fostering relationships between neighbours.


  • Facilitates collaboration
  • Provides resources and access to expertise
  • Provides public education to raise awareness
  • Helps new sustainably-minded food programs get started