What is Really In a Red Coffee Cup?

  Written by Karen Giesbrecht & Simeon Pang Christmastime amplifies things. Everything seems bigger and brighter as the days draw closer to the coming of the Christ and all the seasonal traditions and festivities that surround this global event. There are opportunities for creativity, generosity, closeness and sharing the love that the holidays generate. ButContinue reading “What is Really In a Red Coffee Cup?”

Who is Changing the Conversation around How We Eat?

As we explore who is involved in providing nutritious food in ways that foster community and build on the strengths of the vulnerable, let us introduce you to… Elaine Cheng is a Food Consultant, Nutrition Analyst, Educator, and an Entrepreneur from Vancouver. Surrounded by food tasting classes, she recently completed her Master in Food Culture and CommunicationsContinue reading “Who is Changing the Conversation around How We Eat?”