Those who Promote Peace Through the Rupert Report

From our Community Kitchen Coordinator, Simeon: Each week, over the sounds and smells of an active kitchen, I hear the stories – stories whose affects last long after the food is gone. They are stories of life, living closely together, the struggles of keeping health or the fight against isolation, and the bountiful opportunities forContinue reading “Those who Promote Peace Through the Rupert Report”

First Taste of Food Security

Written by Planted Volunteer, Angelina Lam Food security is an issue for people living in poverty. Having adequate foods and a safe place to eat can be difficult. However, a quaint community café at a little corner of West 10th Ave makes dining possible even for vulnerable individuals. This summer through a UBC course onContinue reading “First Taste of Food Security”

Everybody Copes: Understanding Addiction

Written by: Cristel Moubarak, RD There are various explanations for addiction, and many degrading descriptions for those suffering from it. But are addicts really that different from the average Joe? Well… not really. The primary difference is the coping mechanism. Can any of us go through life without coping? The Union Gospel Mission counselors andContinue reading “Everybody Copes: Understanding Addiction”