Dining in the Dark (Part 2)

Continued reflections on community meals & visual impairment… From David Neufeld Personal Safety Personal safety while dining among people with unpredictable behaviours is a concern. Vision loss makes it difficult to gauge situations and escape conflict. A sighted patron who has become agitated may misinterpret the presence of someone with a visual impairment, and mayContinue reading “Dining in the Dark (Part 2)”

Dining in the Dark (Part 1)

From David Neufeld, a friend of Planted: With less money and more time on my hands after leaving the workforce due to vision loss, I started eating at community meals organized by my friends Karen Giesbrecht and Simeon Pang. This presented an opportunity to explore the experience of the visually impaired within this community. CommunityContinue reading “Dining in the Dark (Part 1)”

Do All Volunteers Need to Get a Criminal Record Check?

Do volunteers at charitable food programs need to have a criminal record check, or is it optional? Does it depend on what kind of population the program is serving? What’s the process and does it cost? Who exactly is a volunteer, when programs (such as Planted recommends) follow Asset Based Community Development principles to blurContinue reading “Do All Volunteers Need to Get a Criminal Record Check?”