Cleaning Up Bodily Fluids

Have you ever been in the middle of preparing a community meal, feeling the pressure to get everything ready on time, and then had to stop everything to respond to an accident?

Being prepared is the best way to minimize a crisis. If you do have to clean up the kind of bodily excretions that we would rather not write about, a accessible kit with the supplies and procedures makes the process quick, if not necessarily easy.

Bodily fluids such as vomit, feces & blood may contain bacteria or viruses that may cause illness. If not cleaned up properly, they may spread and infect other staff, volunteers or guests.

A clearly labeled spill kit with the necessary supplies & instructions can help respond to the incident quickly. For example:

Garbage bags
Disposable gloves
Masking tape
Paper towels
Sanitizer (i.e. bleach or Quat Shot)
Yellow “Wet Floor” Signs (accessible, if too large for the kit)

To clean flat surfaces (floors, tables, sinks, etc):

If required, direct people away from the site of the spill with signs & barrier tape
Put on 2 pairs of gloves
Open the garbage bag
Using paper towels, clean spill & excess liquids
Remove the outer pair of gloves & put them in the garbage bag
Sanitize the area – spray with a sanitizer, wait for 10 minutes (or as instructed on the product label), then wipe clean
Throw paper towels & gloves into the garbage bag
Seal the garbage bag & take directly to a dumpster (if possible)

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