Protein & Community Kitchens

When a Greeting is More than “What’s the Meat In Our Meal Tonight?” From Simeon, our community kitchen coordinator (who gives away his British identity here by using “lasagne,” the plural of “lasagna” that we tend to use in the New World). Each week, I (Simeon) attend a medium-sized community meal which promotes inclusion andContinue reading “Protein & Community Kitchens”

Guests of DTES Free Meals Have Something to Say

Planted was invited to participate in the HomeGround Festival last week, put on by The Carnegie Community Centre and Oppenheimer Park. If you know anything at all about the Downtown Eastside, you’ve probably heard it called “one of Canada’s poorest postal codes.” But you may not know that this small neighbourhood has, hands down, theContinue reading “Guests of DTES Free Meals Have Something to Say”

The Relationship between Hunger & Health

Planted exists because we want to bring together a passion for food and a concern for those in our city who are hungry, malnourished, or in short supply of quality food. We all know the discomfort of an empty stomach, but do we realize the far reaching implications of chronic hunger and poverty? Here areContinue reading “The Relationship between Hunger & Health”