Success for Food Programs & Participants

Planted convened our community of practice, or leaders from several food programs in Vancouver to brainstorm how we define success for our programs, and for our vulnerable participants.

We started by listing our stakeholders – the people and groups who are involved in and impacted by the meals we serve (or who would be impacted if we didn’t serve the food we do).

We then thought about on what success for our participants looks like, using the medicine wheel view to think about the whole person – our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual sides.

Finally, we looked at success for our programs, using the lens of the five principles that guide Vancouver’s food system:

  • Community economic development – Locally-based food systems enhance Vancouver’s economy. Greater reliance on local food systems strengthens our local and regional economies, creates employment & increases food security.
  • Ecological Health – A whole-system approach to food protects our natural resources, reduces & redirects food waste, & contributes to the environmental stability & well-being of our local, regional & global communities.
  • Social Justice – Food is a basic human right. All residents need accessible, affordable, healthy & culturally appropriate food. Children in particular require adequate amounts of nutritious food for normal growth & learning.
  • Collaboration & Participation – Sustainable food systems encourage civic engagement, promote responsibility & strengthen communities. Community food security improves when local government collaborates with community groups, businesses & other levels of government on sound food system planning, policies & practices.
  • Celebration – Sharing food is a fundamental human experience. Food brings people together in celebrations of community & diversity.

Read more here, or contact us to contribute to the discussion.

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