Free Workshop: Nutrition Planning for Food Charities

Whether you serve 10 or 200 people, offer a daily meal or a monthly food pantry, rely primarily on food donations or have an ample budget to work with – selecting appropriate foods for people who are nutritionally vulnerable creates unique challenges & opportunities.

Join our registered dietician and your fellow food program coordinators and volunteers for a discussion about:

Typical nutritional needs of our guests – the homeless, seniors, people with diabetes or suppressed immune systems, etc.
Balancing quality & quantity
Resources available – information, training & food.

DATE: Tuesday, Feb 25, 7pm – 9pm OR Thursday, Feb 27, 2pm – 4pm

VENUE: Planted’s offices, #301 – 291 East 2nd Ave, Vancouver

RSVP: Karen Giesbrecht (; 778-840-4775)

No cost for this gathering
Limited street parking is available (transit is one block away on Main St)
The venue is not wheelchair accessible (up 3 flights of stairs)

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