In search of just food: Stephanie Lim at TEDx

From guest writer, Irena Forbes:

“I fight for food. And not just food, but food that is just” states Stephanie Lim in her TedTalk from Vancouver Renfrew-Collingwood Food Security Institute. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Stephanie challenges our perceptions around food. We need to consider EVERYONE involved in the food system, EVERYONE that eats, and think about why people choose the food they eat. Local food is important, but it can also cause judgement and disparity.

Considering this, what we can do? Stephanie suggests:

Who are the people – the shoppers and vendors – at the farmer’s market? Who do you see? Who don’t you see? Why is this?
How do your favourite recipes connect you to friends, family, or a special memory? How is this true for people who have immigrated or who might be oppressed? What are we asking of people when we say eat only local food? What might we be asking of people to give up?
Know and offer examples of barriers people may have to participating in buying local or organic food
Get involved in activities that bring people together as neighbours to pool their skills, life experiences and knowledge for change. Listen and share, rather than dictating knowledge.
Recognize ways we have privilege but don’t get bogged down with guilt. “Keep voting with your fork if you can but to never stop asking the questions that need to be answered if we are ever to achieve a truly just and sustainable food system and a socially just society” (Stephanie Lim).

What does this video make you think about? Please share a story, a question, or idea.

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