Friends of the Rainier Community Kitchen

From guest writer, Nicole Bergman This past spring a new community kitchen was started by a collective of women who believe that dignity, health and quality of life is significantly impacted by access to wholesome, plant-based foods. The meals prepared in the Rainier community kitchen involve anywhere from 4 -12 volunteers. Our volunteers include womenContinue reading “Friends of the Rainier Community Kitchen”

In search of just food: Stephanie Lim at TEDx

From guest writer, Irena Forbes: “I fight for food. And not just food, but food that is just” states Stephanie Lim in her TedTalk from Vancouver Renfrew-Collingwood Food Security Institute. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Stephanie challenges our perceptions around food. We need to consider EVERYONE involved in the food system, EVERYONE that eats, and thinkContinue reading “In search of just food: Stephanie Lim at TEDx”