Is your glass half full?

In the warm summer months, staying hydrated is important, so we endorse what the City of Vancouver advises – consume more fluids than usual, and check on your neighbours who may have been adversely affected by the heat.

Early signs of dehydration include:

Feeling thirsty
Headache or dizziness
Dry mouth or eyes
Tiredness or decreased activity level
Strong smelling urine and constipation

To increase fluid intake:

Keep a water bottle on your desk, or wherever you find yourself sitting for a time
Offer water to guests when they visit your home, workplace, or community meal, and drink a glass yourself as you chat
Add lemon or cucumber slices to water to add a refreshing flavour
Drink more water in the earlier parts of the day, and ease off in the evening so your sleep isn’t disrupted but waking up to go to the bathroom
Read more from the Dietitans of Canada on tips for staying hydrated

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