Salt, Sugar & Fat or Spinach, Squash & Fresh Herbs

Before you crunch another potato chip, or quench your thirst with a sweet sip of carbonated cola, consider these: Would it make a difference to you if you knew the top executives of the companies that invented the snack in your hand would not eat it? How much creativity and research went into knowing howContinue reading “Salt, Sugar & Fat or Spinach, Squash & Fresh Herbs”

Celebrating Success!

Since the mobile market’s launch in mid-July, its success has exceeded all expectations! On the market’s first day of operation it sold out completely, and the crowd of visitors shopping for fresh, affordable fruits and veggies has been growing week after week since then. If you like the video, please take a minute to shareContinue reading “Celebrating Success!”

What Is A Food Desert? Zsuzsi Explains!

Have you ever heard the term “food desert”? You don’t have to have sand, cacti and camels in your backyard to be living in one. This type of desert is about fresh food — or more precisely, the lack thereof. Watch the video and let Westside Food Collaborative Coordinator Zsuzsi Fodor give you all theContinue reading “What Is A Food Desert? Zsuzsi Explains!”

Is your glass half full?

In the warm summer months, staying hydrated is important, so we endorse what the City of Vancouver advises – consume more fluids than usual, and check on your neighbours who may have been adversely affected by the heat. Early signs of dehydration include: Feeling thirsty Headache or dizziness Irritability Dry mouth or eyes Tiredness orContinue reading “Is your glass half full?”

South Granville Has Changed: “What Happened To Us?”

86-year-old Elizabeth Ward moved to Vancouver’s South Granville area 15 years ago. Since then, she has seen her neighbourhood transform from a place where green grocers and local bakeries were abundant to a food desert — an area with little to no access to fresh produce. To show your support for food-insecure seniors like Elizabeth,Continue reading “South Granville Has Changed: “What Happened To Us?””