Market On Wheels Rolls Out To Help Westside Seniors

If the people can’t come to the food, then the food must come to the people!

That’s the concept behind the Westside Mobile Food Market: to bring fresh food to people who need it. From July 18 until the end of September, this not-for-profit market on wheels — the first of its kind to service the Westside — will stop at community gathering places and deliver fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables to seniors who would have a hard time accessing fresh produce otherwise.

It’s a little known fact that Vancouver’s Westside is home to “food deserts” — zones with few or no grocery stores or produce stands. Some neighbourhoods on the Westside don’t have a single grocery store within its limits.

Due to mobility issues, and a limited budget, seniors and other vulnerable people are having a hard time accessing fresh food — like Westside senior resident Marcia Eleccion.

“The next grocery store within my budget is far away,” she says. “If my arthritis flames up and I am feeling achy on a day I need to go shopping, I have to pop painkillers to be able to actually go.”

To meet Marcia, learn more about food insecurity on the Westside and the mobile food market, please watch this video.

To kick off the mobile market’s first season, “The Plenty Campaign” (in support of the Westside Mobile Market) will raise awareness for Westside seniors experiencing food insecurity. The public will be invited to show their support by signing a community pledge — online or at Vancouver Farmers’ Markets and various other community events.

To sign the pledge and learn more about the campaign visit

If you are interested in volunteering with the Westside Mobile Food Market this summer, please contact Annie Lambla at

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