How would you invest $100 on healthy food for all?

223_mainLast Saturday at the Stone Soup Festival, we focused conversations about ending poverty-related malnutrition in Canada by displaying a few of the books we’re reading on good food systems.

We also asked folks stopping by where they would put their money if they had $100 to donate or spend somewhere on the continuum of community responses to food insecurity. Here are a few responses we heard:

I’d put my $100 on a community development project. The rest seem like they just address symptoms, not roots.
I don’t know. I never thought about how to feed a whole city.
Emergency relief of individuals. I have a friend who isn’t well enough sometimes to get out to food programs and cannot afford the shops around him.
I’d give it to an urban farm. I’m working with one, and its hard to get it to the stage where it can sustain itself.

There’s a place for champions at every point on the spectrum. But what happens to the system if too many resources are placed in certain areas and not enough in others?

Now it’s your turn. Tell us where you would spend $100 – and you don’t have to spend it all in one place.

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