How would you invest $100 on healthy food for all?

Last Saturday at the Stone Soup Festival, we focused conversations about ending poverty-related malnutrition in Canada by displaying a few of the books we’re reading on good food systems. We also asked folks stopping by where they would put their money if they had $100 to donate or spend somewhere on the continuum of communityContinue reading “How would you invest $100 on healthy food for all?”

Planted At The Stone Soup Festival: Seeding Change

The concourse and courtyard of Brittania Community Centre on Commercial Drive tend to be busy every day, but it was particularly vibrant on Saturday, as more than twenty community food organizations and handmade natural artisans displayed their work at the eighteenth annual Stone Soup Festival. This year’s theme was urban farming. Planted’s co-leads Jonathan BirdContinue reading “Planted At The Stone Soup Festival: Seeding Change”

Where does your produce come from?

[A] Source: Community Gardens Advantages: Meet your neighbours, learn new skills, and grow your favorite fresh foods. Organize a neighbour exchange, swapping your abundance for what someone else has Disadvantages: You’ll have to have access to a plot of land (there are often waitlists) and be ready to get some dirt under your fingernails. LearnContinue reading “Where does your produce come from?”