2012 Christmas Dinners in Vancouver

December 22: 24th Oppenheimer Park Film Industry Dinner (Alexander & Dunlevy Street) – starts at noon December 20-24: The Dugout (59 Powell) – treats & carolling at Gastown Steam Clock, 6-8:30pm Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House (501 East Hastings) – starts at 11am December 25: The Salvation Army Harbour Light (119 East Cordova Street); 10am -2:30pmContinue reading “2012 Christmas Dinners in Vancouver”

Put Down that Can of Food: Eight Better Ways to Donate!

Holidays just aren’t holidays without food and friends. And, every December, charities wisely ask us not to forget the poor – often by appealing for donations of non-perishable food items or cash for Christmas baskets and free public meals. But food “charity” can do more harm than good. A measure of emergency food relief willContinue reading “Put Down that Can of Food: Eight Better Ways to Donate!”

New Planted Video – Working Together for Food Security

For us, December is all about raising awareness about food security. We are excited about the launch of our first program, the Fair Share Dinners. We also created a fun, little animated film to introduce folks to the issue of food security. Now, watch the video, and leave a comment with your thoughts about foodContinue reading “New Planted Video – Working Together for Food Security”