Food Co-ops: Harvesting the Power of Collaboration

Collaboration can be a powerful tool. When we tackle issues as a group, we realize how working together and sharing resources can turn into an opportunity for us to grow and succeed in our mission. Jonquil Hallgate, Executive Director with our partner Surrey Urban Mission, was thinking along the same lines after a discussion withContinue reading “Food Co-ops: Harvesting the Power of Collaboration”

Green Smoothie Power for DTES Residents

I recently attended a Rooted Nutrition cooking class, and discovered that when it comes to edible green vegetables, there is a world of culinary creativity that I have yet to explore. We learned how to make pesto out of stinging nettles and use chard leaves in place of tortillas for wraps. The secret to theContinue reading “Green Smoothie Power for DTES Residents”